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The German Association of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims of Torture (BAfF) is the umbrella organisation of centres, facilities and projects for victims of human rights violations and political persecution. We help people who have experienced unimaginable suffering. Torture survivors, war victims and child soldiers come to us. Many are severely traumatized and suffer from their terrible experiences. They need support, protection – and also access to medical and psychological treatments.

We promote the perception of the consequences of flight, organized violence and involuntary exile in public and in the relevant specialist circles. We work together with charities, medical and psychotherapist chambers, and decision-makers in the health and social sectors to improve the living conditions of refugees in Germany. We are strengthening the protection and respect for the victims of organized violence and support the protection of human rights.

There are currently 47 psychosocial centers in the BAfF that are committed to the medical, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial care and rehabilitation of victims of torture and other serious violations of human rights. The BAfF represents the general concerns of the treatment centers at the local, regional, nationwide and international level vis-à-vis the public and political decision-makers. With this lobbying, we are also influencing the legal improvement of the living conditions of refugees and clarifying the increasing need for treatment in psychosocial centers. In addition, we develop and document ethical and professional standards for the appropriate treatment of traumatized refugees.

Through the projects and activities of the BAfF, we bundle the forces of the German treatment centers for traumatized victims of torture. We promote the professional exchange of experience and knowledge among the centers, represent common concerns in terms of improving the living conditions of survivors of politically motivated violence and develop quality standards for the appropriate treatment of traumatized refugees.

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